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Hi, I'm Martha. I'm a recent graduate of Brigham Young University and a reporter for KSL News Radio in Salt Lake City. 

BYU students pack Provo town hall to oppose paid street parking

The Provo City Council held a town hall meeting to get feedback on the city's paid parking proposal. Provo is considering creating paid parking zones in the Joaquin neighborhood — an area where many BYU students live. One BYU student asked the council why the plan was still going forward since 80% of residents in the area said 'no' in an online survey. Still, a handful of people at the meeting were in favor of the proposal. City council members said they still need more information.

I was KUER's news intern during the fall of 2021.

Black Students Are Disproportionately Affected By BYU's Beard Ban

BYU's dress and grooming standards prohibit all of its students, faculty, administrators, and staff from having a beard.

Since the ban was first enacted in the 1970s, groups of students have repeatedly protested the policy, arguing that beards are now socially acceptable and that the policy doesn't reflect the doctrine of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.

But for many Black students, they say it's more serious than preference: it's a health issue.

This is article is for the "Prodigal Press," a student magazine. We described ourselves as an "underground Provo media collective dedicated to highlighting underrepresented viewpoints & perspectives." Our publication followed a long line of independent student publications at BYU.

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